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Our goal for The Defenders: Bully Patrol program and book series is to educate young people about the hazards and the many faces of bullying. In some cases the effects are minimal but in others it can be completely devastating. We want to teach the kids that working together and looking out for one another we can put an end to this bullying trend.


The Defenders Bully Patrol, LLC president/CEO


Back when my son attended elementary school he and his friend started a group, and what they did was take up for kids being bullied. That gave me the idea to take this thing national.

The first book in our series has been released nationwide in November 2014. Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major book distributors across the country carry it.

I have it here on my website as well as my publisher's We are all very excited about the possibilities, for I would like to make this as big as M.A.D.D or D.A.R.E. We are called THE DEFENDERS: Bully Patrol, and our books will teach kids how to address bullying issues in a non-violent way, teaching kids to band together and bring awareness to all these bullying issues.

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