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The Defenders

Tommy is a fine young man and very mature for his age. He's a very good athlete and plays baseball. He is a huge Boston Red Sox fan and watches every game he can. His favoriteplayers are David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia. He's a good friend and even better big brother. Tommy says he wants to go to college and someday play for the Boston Red Sox.

Matthew is Tommy's little brother, Matthew is a wide eyed, energetic little boy. Matt looks up to his big brother and tries to be just like him. Like Tommy, Matthew says, ''The Red Sox are my favorite team too'', Matt also likes the Washington Redskins. Matthew can't wait for the spring, it will be his first year playing baseball.

Dylan is one of Tommy's good friends, they have known each other since kindergarten, Dylan is a high energy young man and loves to joke around.Dylan likes baseball and football, his favorite football player is Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson. Dylan plays baseball too but his real love is music. He plays the drums and is now learning how to play the guitar. He loves heavy metal music. Dylan is a good friend and someone you can count on to have your back. \m/

Marvin is another one of Tommy's good friends. Tommy, Dylan, and Marvin do everything together. Marvin loves to play basketball. His favorite team is the Miami Heat and Lebron James is his favorite player. Marvin is very smart when it comes to computers and video games. His friends sometimes refer to him as the ''Video Master''. If you need to know something about a computer or a video game Marvin is your man.

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